NETHOSTING >> Affiliates offers publishers the possibility to generate an income via their website(s). You can become our affiliate if you are the owner of a website and you are interested to earn money by sending your visitors to It doesn't cost you anything and you will have lots of banners and text links to choose from. Next to that, all affiliates who actively promote will get a high discount when buying a hosting package.
Commission Structure:

Affiliates will receive the following commissions for hosting packages sold without a domain

Package:   Price: Affiliate commission:

Basic   $ 3.10 p/mth $ 9.30 per sale
Medium   $ 4.35 p/mth $ 13.05 per sale
Professional   $ 7.15 p/mth $ 21.45 per sale
Unlimited   $ 12.25 p/mth $ 36.75 per sale

Affiliates will receive the following commissions for hosting packages sold including a domain

Basic   $ 3.75 p/mth $ 11.25 per sale
Medium   $ 5.00 p/mth $ 15.00 per sale
Professional   $ 7.80 p/mth $ 23.40 per sale
Unlimited   $ 12.90 p/mth $ 38.70 per sale

Top affiliates will even get paid per click on top of the above revenue share commissions.

Bronze segment:   Amount:
    $ 0.10 per click
Silver segment:   Amount:
    $ 0.12 per click

Affiliate Discount:

Affiliates who actively advertise with banners and text links will get a 50% discount when purchasing a hosting package. The discount will be given based on a 2 year hosting contract of which you will get one year for free. The only condition we have is that you use our banner material at your website. For more information or to order your hosting package, please contact

Notice: If your order via our website and/or with the help of your affiliate code you will not receive the 50% discount. You can only order a discount hosting package by sending an email to Be sure to mention your website URL and your affiliate code when sending us an email.

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