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About Us - Who We Are:
Nethosting is a venture which is closely tied to Netdesigns. Nethosting concentrates it's services totally on websitehosting and domainnames. Netdesigns is more related to webdesign, logo design, banners, scripts and advertising. Netdesigns came online in 1999 offering budget webdesign for small (starting) businesses and personal websites. Since then Netdesigns has grown into a company which can now offer online services in any pricerange.

One of these services is now known as Nethosting, a venture which is totally focussed on offering unlimited hosting to home website owners and companies. Even though Nethosting offers low cost packages, our clients will experience that low cost does not mean low quality.

If compaired with other hosting companies online today, our low cost packages even have cPanel instead of a "nameless" controlpanel. Especially the wizkids amoung our clients know what cPanel can mean for a website. cPanel gives so much freedom and settingabilities that every other controlpanel stays far behind.

Honest Pricing
Nethosting is well known because of it's clear and honest pricing. Many hosting companies are mostly advertising with low cost hosting but you'll find that those prices in the end add up to high rates. That's why Nethosting advertises with all inclusive prices. At you won't run into any surprises. Our prices include taxes, domain name, setup charges and much much more. That's why the price that we offer, is also the final price which you will pay.

Netdesigns and Nethosting are two ventures which are operated from the Netherlands. Nevertheless we host all the websites at one of the biggest Data Centers in the United States and we offer our services to worldwide clients. All the websites are hosted on top-of-the-line Dual Xeon servers with cPanel which gives our clients access to 52 scripts (like blogs, forums, shoppingcarts, ticketdesks, auctionscripts, photo galleries, etc) which can be installed with the click of a button. Inside cPanel you can also create instant backups of your website to make sure it's safe and secure.

Data Center
The Data Center in the United States utilizes all the services. Protection which is offered within the facility are: FM-200 Fire Suppression, Multiple UPS Systems and Backup Diesel Generators. 24x7 and 365 days a year the network operations staff ensures the safety and reliability of services and equipment. So whatever happens, your website is always safe and we can offer a 99.9% guarantee that your online venture can always be reached.


You can reach us on Mondays to Fridays from 08.30AM till 9PM and on Saturdays until 5PM at phonenumber +31 (0)900-NETHOST. You can also always use our Live Support (direct chat) and email ticketsystem.

Chamber of Commerce Alkmaar 37129358
VAT Number NL0733.74.398.B01
Postal address Andalusiëstraat 38, 1827 CV ALKMAAR, The Netherlands

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