If you already own a domain then you can easily forward it from your present provider towards your new hosting package. If you foreward your domain you will receive a $ 8 yearly discount from us.

To foreward your domain to your hosting package you will receive an email from us with the DNS settings. You have to set these yourself or ask your provider to do this for you.

Follow the steps below to transfer your domain and website to your new hosting package:

  1. Backup your website first via FTP
  2. After that, upload your website to our server
  3. Email your present provider and cancel their hosting services while asking them to foreward your domain to the new DNS.
  4. As soon as the DNS settings are executed by your present provider you will see your website at our server. (This will take 4 to 24 hours, your website will stay online during this time)
If you have a question about forewarding a domain, then please contact us via live support or by phone at number +31 (0)900-NETHOST. 2007. All Rights Reserved.  | Company | Services | Terms of Service